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A Global Software Solution for NCH

NCH Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of consumer and commercial products and services. NCH specialises in the following business areas: industrial cleaning & maintenance; water treatment & remediation and plumbing & speciality industrial supplies. With a 90 year history and a diverse range of product and service offerings, NCH is an organisation committed to continued growth by identifying new opportunities, including the acquisition of different organisations across the globe. NCH now has offices in 55 countries with 12 diverse business units and its world HQ is situated in Irving, Texas.

Two of the company’s key priorities for its growing Contracts and Services business are to improve the quality of customer information in the hands of sales and service personnel and to streamline the day to day activities of the service personnel in the field to ensure they are utilised effectively.

As part of NCH’s global strategy, the organisation was looking to standardise processes and procedures, more effectively trigger workflows, and simplify service and personnel scheduling efforts. NCH was designing a fully integrated, mobile solution that would work throughout its international environments and needed a partner to accelerate the development.

A Partnership Approach

NCH wanted to work in close partnership with a software company to develop an innovative solution which was in line with their international vision. It was vital that the chosen company was able to deliver a global software solution that was driven by NCH’s core strategy and met with its requirements

Once NCH was confident that Pulsion’s flexible and open approach to business was what they were looking for, the team were invited to put together a proof of concept for the project. The Pulsion team were set a series of different scenarios and had to demonstrate to a global NCH audience how Pulsion could build a mobile working solution that would solve their business challenges. The proof of concept solution was delivered under a tight deadline and proved highly successful resulting in a go decision for a full scale implementation.

After the proof of concept, Pulsion staff were involved in working alongside key NCH staff including field workers and business stakeholders in mainland Europe, North America and in the UK. In the projects initial stages the Pulsion team worked closely with NCH to understand the scale of their global business operations and to understand the drivers for introducing a mobile working platform. Pulsion played a key role in helping to elicit the business requirements and worked with NCH to understand how these could be translated into a mobile working solution.

Knowledge Transfer

One of the key requirements of the project was to transfer as much knowledge from Pulsion to NCH as possible, so to allow NCH to become self-reliant in a number of areas. Throughout the project NCH staff have been almost solely responsible for the design and implementation of the mobile forms which are used by the field workers. Pulsion assisted in the early days of the project to train NCH staff on how to use our form builder and to lend advice as experts in mobile data capture.

As well as a core mobile platform, Pulsion delivered an integration with NCH’s Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning system. A number of business workflows were specified and designed to ensure that business processes were followed and both systems were kept in sync at all times.

Project Roll-Out

The NCH mobile working solution, called NCH Services, is now live and fully integrated with NCH’s existing business systems, such as Oracle ERP. The solution is currently live in fifteen European countries with an additional four scheduled to come online in the first half of 2015. In addition, the first release in the USA was launched in November, closely followed by a second, with a continuing roll-out throughout 2015.

The solution has helped NCH to achieve a number of business improvements including more rapid customer feedback, more accurate data in the hands of field technicians and a greatly reduced billing cycle. It has also improved efficiency in the field, allowing workers to undertake more field based services.