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Our Approach

Collaboration – the key to success

As experts in all things digital, Pulsion Technology can offer a broad range of complementary services including business analysis and consulting, digital services and predicative analytics.  Pulsion Enterprise Mobility is the product at the heart of a suite of services – these services are offered depending on your situation and requirements, and form part of the approach outlined below.

Enterprise Mobility – Our Approach

Pulsion has a tried and tested consultative approach for understanding your business, its objectives and existing processes.  This helps us to fully understand your business challenges, procedures and systems, and allows us to propose the best possible mobility configuration.

Understanding your organisation, goals and objectives

Our skilled consultants will engage with your project team to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation, its goals and objectives from the outset. This critical stage will follow PRINCE2 requirements gathering methodologies to ensure that we have captured all essential data. We will then use this information to arrange suitable workshops which will review, document and define your key project areas.

This partnership approach will make certain that both parties work together to reduce risk and also ensure the success of the project in achieving its goals for the business and its user community.


Pulsion’s dedicated system testers are embedded into our project teams working closely with our developers and your project team.  This ensures that the system under development is robust and functioning. Our test team have experience of working on a wide number of mobile working projects across various market sectors.

Your dedicated test team will consult with your organisation through targeted focus groups among key stakeholders.   All feedback is recorded and analysed to identify common issues and ultimately ensure that the system is tailored to your requirements, at a cost-effective price.

Implementation and Delivery

Pulsion typically adopts an Agile approach to the implementation and delivery process to provide incremental deliveries and afford key stakeholders with early visibility of the project implementation, ensuring that the project is progressing as expected.

A key aspect of the Agile approach is recognising that requirements change as a project progresses.  By using an Agile approach, Pulsion can respond to changing requirements to ensure that the final solution is the best possible fit for your business. We operate to ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security standards as part of our project phases.


Our team is experienced in working with all levels of users; from field workers to management. We have worked collaboratively with many IT departments to support both IT systems and user training, and can provide a number of training options, tailored to your requirements.

For mobile working, a member of the Pulsion team will accompany a field worker on a typical working day, training them how to use the solution in your real world setting. The specific training method that Pulsion offers will be carefully selected to ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

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