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The rise of disruptive mobile technology has been one of the catalysts for digital transformation in businesses. A fast growing global trend is the demand for access to information anytime, anywhere with any device. Organisation are realising the impact that mobile can have on performance and have recognised that introducing mobility initiatives can create increased efficiency across the business life-cycle.

Working More Efficiently

Having mobile as a core part of your business strategy can be an effective way to achieve your wider strategic objectives. More and more companies are looking to digitise services and processes, allowing workers to capture data on a mobile device and sync it to back office systems. At its core, mobile applications provide technicians with the ability to share, store and view job data while out in the field, offering them a virtual link to the back office that helps to inform and empower them. This creates a more streamlined and efficient process as well as giving organisations the opportunity to enhance service delivery for clients and service users.

Improving your Business Performance

Deploying a mobile solution gives you the opportunity to collect masses of data around things like staff performance, customer data, location and task/visit status. By integrating the data captured on your mobile devices with other systems within the organisation’s technology infrastructure, you are able to make valuable insights about performance.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

As well as providing companies with a wealth of data which can be used to enhance performance, a mobile workforce solution gives your field service team the best possible support, giving them access to the real-time information and knowledge to make the right decisions while on the move. As a result, they are better positioned to resolve issues first-time and deliver the best service they can.

Creating A More Connected Workforce

Mobile devices with internet access can provide businesses with the opportunity to offer flexible working to employees. This can not only have a positive effect on staff productivity but can increase morale. The concept of flexible working can have a massive impact on business strategy for those ready to embrace it, with the potential to save money on equipment and office space, not to mention allowing companies to work smarter and improve client services.

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