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More and more companies are insisting on mobile working solutions these days. The benefits to mobile working are clear: real-time reporting, reduction in human error, no lost paperwork. However, there are a couple of issues that might make moving to mobile working slightly more difficult.

Getting buy-in from your engineers

The biggest difficulty in implementing mobile solutions is usually getting field service engineers on board. These are the workers on-site, your representatives who will actually be carrying out the tasks. An issue might be that they are not comfortable with technology in general, and being given a new way of working with little or no support from the management team might result in a negative opinion of the solution.

The role of management

To make sure this does not happen, it is absolutely vital that your management team is invested in and enthusiastic about the new software. Why should field service engineers put time and effort into learning to use the technology if their managers haven’t? It is natural that the workers in the field look to their managers for support and encouragement, and to make the best of the solution those managers need to be able to provide that support.

This might mean that the management team are engaged with training, but it will certainly mean they are involved with set-up. They should act as the channel of communication between the field service engineers and the solution provider, ensuring the provider understands exactly the challenges the field workers face. The management team might have a good idea already but by asking their field workers they are showing them that they care about the challenges the field workers face on-site, and that they are committed to the solution. Communicating this back to the solution provider will ensure the field worker’s concerns are addressed, and that the provider understands exactly what the problems are that need to be solved. Without a clear understanding of what the software is for, there is always a possibility that the provider will misunderstand and provide a square peg for a round hole.

A solution that works

Involving the management team and the field service engineers both means that you are more likely to end up with a well-rounded, helpful solution that fits in exactly with your business and meets your needs. This means listening to the workers in the field, taking on board their suggestions and addressing their concerns. Don’t forget that they might not have seen the software before they are asked to start using it, and change can sometimes be scary. By getting the management team to work with field workers, you will be showing them that you support them and that you endorse the product. And with everyone on board, success is inevitable.

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