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Most businesses are continually looking at ways to make their operations and service delivery more efficient, productive and therefore more profitable. If your business has a field service team, there are many things you can do to achieve this whilst also improving the customer service experience.

1. Invest in technology

Your field service team are usually the first point of contact your customers have with your business and therefore have the opportunity to build strong relationships. By investing in field service technology, you not only have the opportunity to drive efficiency by streamlining your business processes but it can also give your field service team the chance to enhance the customer experience. Customers impressed by the service experience are more likely to not only stay loyal but to make other purchases.

2. Upskill your team

It may or may not be in their job description, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that spending so much time with customers means that the field service team have a great opportunity to drive sales. By building strong relationships with customers and really understanding their business, your field service teams are well placed to make recommendations to customers or even find out about future business opportunities. Their technical expertise gives them a level of credibility with customers that you would not necessarily get with an out and out sales person. Customers are more likely to trust in their advice and feel less “sold to”.

If you expect your field service teams to take on this role, it is vital that you invest in training so to ensure they understand how to get the most of the relationship with customers, what buying signals they should be looking out for and how they should react to them. By investing in your team you reinforce their value to the company as well as give the business another channel by which to capture more sales revenue.

3. Measure and review performance

A common challenge company’s face is the loss of time, whether that be through cancelled meetings or lack of optimised scheduling. Field service management software allows you to allocate tasks electronically, plan resources based on skillset and can provide statistics that will allow you to find your optimal scheduling amount. Using one integrated system to schedule tasks and plan resource can also save time on admin tasks and reduce the risk of human error.

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