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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pulsion Enterprise Mobility?

Pulsion Enterprise Mobility is a business solution based around a mobile application.  It is designed for enterprise organisations (across a wide range of industries) and public sector establishments that have a large and remote field work force with a complex data gathering responsibility.

It is highly configurable specific to your business needs and helps streamline processes and increase productivity and efficiency. The solution is accessible from the field worker’s mobile or tablet device and allows them to complete multiple site data capture from their mobile device, quickly and easily, with or without and internet connection.

Is Pulsion Enterprise Mobility aimed at a particular sector of the market?

No. Due to the flexibility of the product, it can be used across a wide range of industries, such as;

  • Public Sector
  • Facilities Management
  • Environmental
  • Transport

Have a read at our Case Studies to understand how global corporation NCH and US based American Forestry Foundation benefit from Pulsion Enterprise Mobility.

How will Pulsion Enterprise Mobility help my business?

Pulsion Enterprise Mobility will help your organisation in a number of ways:

  • Reduces the need for cumbersome paper-based form filling by field workers
  • Reduces the need for re-keying data and cuts overall administration costs
  • Increases productivity by reducing the amount of time a field worker spends on site
  • Enhances the accuracy and quality of data available to field workers whilst they are on site
  • Increases overall business productivity by streamlining business processes
Our company has numerous paper-based forms that our field workers need to fill out when they arrive at a job. How would Pulsion Enterprise Mobility help?

At the heart of Pulsion Enterprise Mobility is a powerful Form Designer which will allow you to design a whole range of mobile forms that can be used on iOS, Android and Windows devices.  The Form Designer is flexible and intuitive and needs no specialist technical input.

Is there a limit on the number of forms that can be created, or their complexity?

No. Some of our customers who are using Pulsion Enterprise Mobility have designed and deployed everything from simple one page forms to extremely complex 70 page risk assessments.

How do you go about understanding our current way of working and configuring a solution that meets our needs?

Our experienced business analysts follow a tried and tested collaborative approach which would include a requirements gathering exercise with your project team.  Workshops would then be arranged to review, document and define your key project areas.  This reduces any risk and ensures the success of the project in achieving its goals.

Security is a top priority within our organisation. How secure is the application?

We understand that the security and integrity of your data is vital. The foundation of Pulsion Enterprise Mobility’s platform is built using Microsoft ASP.NET which provides enterprise-level security features to keep your data secure.  All communication within the system is encrypted over HTTPS and has been designed from the ground up whilst adhering to security best practices within the industry. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring and improving the systems and applications which make up the Pulsion Enterprise Mobility platform in order to meet the ever evolving security demands. Pulsion is committed to information security standards as exemplified by our ISO 270001 accreditation.

Will Pulsion Enterprise Mobility integrate with our existing production and finance systems?

Yes.  There are API’s available that allow for the integration of Pulsion Enterprise Mobility with your existing business systems.

How is Pulsion Enterprise Mobility licensed?

Licensing is tailored to your requirements and can be adjusted as your circumstances change.  At its simplest, Pulsion Enterprise Mobility is licensed per named user.  This can be offered as a single perpetual licence or as an annual recurring “right to use” licence.

Does the Company need to buy hardware to support Pulsion Enterprise Moblity?

This depends.  Pulsion Enterprise Mobility can be deployed into your existing datacentre or through a cloud hosting provider. Pulsion can offer advice and guidance on the best choice for your requirements and can work with your in-house IT department to assist with deployment.

If cloud hosting is required Pulsion can assist with arranging this and support deployments through most of the mainstream cloud providers e.g. Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. These options can be discussed with you as part of our consultation exercise. It should be noted that it is your responsibility to provide the end user hand held devices for your field work-force.