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Forms Designer & Mobile Data Capture

Our forms designer is at the heart of Pulsion Enterprise Mobility. We offer a wide range of control types including drop down lists, signatures, photos and videos making the forms designer extremely flexible and versatile. It’s simple to use and hassle free.

The forms designed within the tool are used to create jobs and services which will then be transmitted to field workers via an app on their handheld device. Users have the ability to design forms and create jobs both on the web and on a mobile device, complete a job on a device, generate paperwork and add regular recurring jobs.

The Forms Builder and Data Capture features includes:


  • Modelling the structure of your organisation
  • Designing data capture forms using a variety of controls including drop down lists, bar code & QR codes, photos, videos, voice and free text
  • Creating jobs for completion on handheld devices
  • Automatically creating regular recurring jobs
  • Generating paperwork and automatically email it to a client following a field service visit
  • Flexible permissions for each system user
  • Cross platform mobile application running on iOS and Android device
Field Worker- iPad

Resource Management

Pulsion Enterprise Mobility has a visual scheduler which shows all jobs for users displayed in a day, month or year view. Users can drag and drop jobs to re-allocate or re-schedule, as well as editing jobs directly on the scheduler page.

The system also supports regular recurring jobs. These are displayed as they are scheduled to occur.


  • Visual scheduler view of all jobs over a day, week, month or year view allowing planners to see gaps in schedules and resource utilisation
  • Drag and drop jobs to re-allocate or re-schedule them in an instant
  • Edit jobs directly in the scheduler
Industrial Resource Management

Asset Management

Our asset manager allows users to create asset types and to customise the information stored on each type of asset, such as a serial number or make & model, against that asset.

Users can create jobs for a particular asset and can also set up regular recurring jobs, for example an inspection every 30 days. All of the information relating to an asset can be viewed by an engineer as they carry out tasks in the field giving them all of information necessary to support the field process.


  • Create types of assets and decide what information you want to store against them
  • Crate assets allowing you to attach one off jobs to that asset or to create regular recurring jobs for that asset
  • Allow engineers to view the details of an asset they are working on in the field
Industrial Asset Management

Contract Management

Pulsion Enterprise Mobility allows users to create contracts and to associate jobs or assets with a contract. The addition of contracts to assets allows the ability to automatically terminate regular recurring jobs on an asset at the end date of the contract.

Relating an asset or a job to a contract allows the contract information to appear on an engineer’s device in the field giving them all of information necessary to support the field process.


  • Create contracts allowing you to attach one off jobs or assets to that contract
  • Allow engineers to view the details of a contract they are working on in the field putting the information front and centre to enable the field workforce
Contract Management


Pulsion Enterprise Mobility has a full API allowing seamless integration with existing internal business systems and supports integration with active directory to utilise existing login credentials.


  • Full API layer allowing seamless integration with internal business systems
  • Capability to integrate via an Enterprise Service Bus
  • Authentication using existing Active Directory logins
Server Integration

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